The Silence

Have you seen A Quiet Place? Do you want to see it while people are on the move, but it feels like way more like a young adult novel? Then boy howdy is The Silence for you.

I won’t say much about this movie, because I don’t really think there is much to say. It has some cool creature designs, but everything else about the movie feels really hollow. It’s like the writing assumes everyone watching can’t follow a story with any level of complexity or emotions, and has very convenient excuses for everything that happens. It’s pretty frustrating honestly.

Every problem that arises in the movie is summarily dealt with in quick order. The behavior of the monsters is extremely linear and only serves a basic purpose for the story. Some times they move on quickly, and sometimes they stick around for long periods of time as the film demands. There really isn’t any sense of urgency when problems arise, and that’s a shame.

I wouldn’t really recommend this movie unless you are completely out of horror options. It’s not really a good use of time, and there’s no weight to anything. I expect I’ll forget it and this review in about a week. Instead, watch A Quiet Place, or hell, even the original Bats movie.

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