Lake Placid

America sure has a creature feature obsession huh? From frogs to bats to sharks to alligators, we love watching nature do nature shit. Look no further than Shark Week to understand why. We love horror and gore, and there aren’t many things scarier than no longer being the apex of the food chain. It’s a neat concept to say “What would happen if this animal intentionally/incidentally killed us?”

Lake Placid is perhaps the best creature feature there is besides Jaws. It treads the line between action movie and horror film very well, but is definitely a product of the 90s. Any and all scenes with the crocodile are hammed up like a deli, but they’ve aged pretty well. Lots of really good practical effects, goofball characters, and beautiful scenery make for a memorable film.

I wouldn’t really say Lake Placid is a good movie, but it’s a fun movie, and what more do you really need from an action-horror joint? Plot often need not apply when dealing with animals, and Lake Placid is one of the better examples of that. They don’t simply kill the animal because one of the main characters is a… scientist? With no real authority, it becomes questionable as to why they don’t just immediately ice the overgrown reptile.

I think the best part of the movie is the character played by Betty White. A no-nonsense old woman who killed her husband and fed him to the crocodile, and caused the whole situation. She’s feisty as hell and I really love watching her chat shit at the main characters. The entertainment value is super high for this movie, and it’s one I’ve watched numerous times over the years.

I’d recommend this film if you want an epitome of the 90s film that fuses action and horror. You can’t really do wrong with this one, but don’t go in to it expecting anything approaching an Oscar level performance.

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